Hampton Bays Graduates 161

The Hampton Bays Class of 2013 is one that will always be remembered with fondness, according to Hampton Bays High School Principal Christopher Richardt, who spoke of the record-breaking number of scholarships received and accomplishments achieved by the class’s members during the commencement exercises on June 22.

“There are 161 success stories and dreams sitting right here in front of you,” he told the audience of family members and friends who had gathered to support the graduates.

“After building such a firm foundation for themselves, it is now up to the young men and women of the Class of 2013 to go out into the world and succeed,” Superintendent of Schools Lars Clemensen said during his commencement speech. Addressing the graduating class, he continued, “My hope is that what you've seen and done here in Hampton Bays will outline the map of what you do in your life. What we care about and hope for is that you do something good for someone else, pay it forward, and make sure you leave the world – and your relationships with one another – better than you had found them.”

Among the program’s student speakers were class president Seth Donna, and salutatorian Jesse Dubrowksy and valedictorian Harry Fotopoulos, who shared the concise yet sage advice he recently received from a 94-year-old man: “Just live.” Others who contributed to the program were the high school band and members of the alumni band; Coleen Lawrenz, who led the Pledge of Allegiance; selected members of the Class of 2013, who sang "America the Beautiful"; and outgoing Board of Education President Doug Oakland, who assisted Mr. Clemensen in the awarding of the diplomas.