Hampton Bays Third Graders Benefit from Book Drop

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Stephen Matlin of the Southampton Kiwanis Club dropped by Hampton Bays Elementary School on Thursday, September 30, to bestow the gift of knowledge to the entire third-grade class. During an annual “Book Drop” gathering, Mr. Matlin gave copies of “A Student’s Dictionary” to each of the 125 students, plus the third-grade teachers and Elementary School Principal Mark Meyer, on behalf of the Southampton Kiwanis.

The dictionary drop was part of a national Kiwanis program “The Dictionary Project,” which encourages children to seek out knowledge. During the gathering, the third graders learned that they are now eligible for the K-Kids Club at the school, a group that performs a number of community-centered assistance programs.

Mr. Meyers encouraged the children to participate in giving back to the community in whatever way they could. He stressed that service to the community is a vital part of leaning and being an exemplary Hampton Bays student and resident.

“We should all be learning how to give back, just like how the Kiwanis do,” he said. “That’s always how the group works.”

The Kiwanis Club is an international organization founded in 1915 that serves communities in more than 70 countries.