September Students of the Month Honored at Hampton Bays

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Four students, one from the elementary school, one from the middle school and two from the high school, received September “Student of the Month” honors during the Hampton Bays School Board of Education meeting on October 12.

Fourth grader Jared Strecker, fifth grader Matthew Zbikowski, junior Amanda Sanabria and sophomore Jie-Lu “Lulu” Zhou each received a plaque and words of praise from their respective principals.

Jared was nominated for “Student of the Month” recognition by his teacher, Ms. Ferguson, for his “outstanding character,” according to Elementary School Principal Marc Meyer. Jared is one of the “go-to guys” that students in his class look up to, he added. His favorite subjects in school are math, physical education and computers. He also leads his team as quarterback for PAL football and plays catcher on his baseball team. Mr. Meyer said that Jared has expressed interest in moving to Paris to become a chef some day.

Not only is Matthew a true leader, according to Middle School Principal Dennis Schug, he is also a “real trouper” for attending the school board meeting on Tuesday after having four teeth pulled. The fifth grader was also lauded for his curiosity as well as his excellence in his favorite subjects, reading and social studies. Matthew plans on working for Lego Studios when he grows up, Mr. Schug said, but he’s not certain if he wants to settle in California or Denmark.

According to High School Principal Christopher Richardt, Amanda is a “truly academically gifted” student who is “absolutely outstanding.” Amanda, who plans on attending Brigham Young University after graduating school next year, has received several perfect and near-perfect advanced test scores, Mr. Richardt noted. She is interested in a career in either music or medicine.

As for Lulu, she is an “academic powerhouse” Mr. Richardt said. He reported her final grades last year to be “100, 100, 100, 94, 100, 100, 100.” Her gifts do not end in the classroom, according to Mr. Richardt, who noted that Lulu also plays tennis and is a member of SADD and the Key Club, and is a great example for her fellow students because she is “always doing the right thing.”