The Hampton Bays UFSD's budget planning goals for the 2014-15 school year include the creation of a budget within the NYS Property Tax Cap, the continuation of successful programs, preservation of personnel, and the protection of reserve accounts. To do this, the Hampton Bays UFSD needs to rely on the support from New York State, in the form of increased state aid. Each dollar of state aid means one less property tax dollar.

Our success will be ensured by the elimination of the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA). This formula, first enacted by Governor Patterson, reduces the amount of aid each school district is entitled to receive in order to close New York State's then-deficit of $10 billion. In the last three school years, Hampton Bays has received $2.5 million less in state aid than entitled. Now that the economic forecast for the state is positive, it is time to advocate for the repeal of the Gap Elimination Adjustment to fully support the Hampton Bays Public Schools.

Click here to urge Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Ken LaValle, and Assemblyman Fred Thiele to support the repeal of the GEA!

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