Hampton Bays Fire Prevention Contest Winners


The 2010 Fire Prevention Contest winners were recognized during the Hampton Bays Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, December 7.

Students in each grade level, from kindergarten through the eighth grade, were eligible to participate in the contest this year. Hampton Bays students who are enrolled in classes up to the sixth grade created fire prevention posters, while seventh and eighth graders wrote essays about fire prevention. The contest, which was sponsored by the Hampton Bays Fire Department and held under the supervision of Hampton Bays art teachers Kathy Dayton and Debra McDowell. Hampton Bays fireman Roy Bidell came to the school board meeting on Tuesday to pass out awards and prizes to the winners.

For the elementary school, the kindergarten winners were: first place, Nina Simmon; second place, Jamison Moore; third place, Lillian Patek. First-grade winners were: first place, Sofia Lauther; second place, Riley Gerson; third place, Jordyn Meyers. Second-grade winners were: first place, Emel Barry; second place, Desiree Melton; third place, Sierra Gaffney. Third-grade winners were: first place, Marrisa Kennedy; second place, Diana Ramirez; third place, Lilian Vaquero. Fourth-grade winners were: first place, Josselyn Granados; second place, Rosalie Morais; third place, Peyton Schebler.

For the middle school, fifth-grade winners were: first place, Kenia Torres; second place, Isabella Romano; third place, Glenda Guevaro. Sixth-grade winners were: first place, Vanessa Farrell; second place Victoria Nicolova; third place Rachel Moscato. Seventh-grade winners were: first place, Lily Spellman; second place, David Ramirez; and third place, Alexa Schultheis. Eighth-grade winners were: first place, Alex Peterson; second place Mary Kelly Hilton; third place, Tanner Troyan.