Members of the Builder's Club at Hampton Bays Middle School held their "Soup and Sundae Night" fundraiser on Feb. 12 to benefit the Good Ground Schoolhouse Community Garden Greenhouse Fund. The successful fundraiser, held in the middle school cafeteria, was well-planned and executed, resulting in a healthy turnout.

The stars of the night were the soups, supplied by more than a dozen local restaurants and businesses. Diners could bring their own bowls, use one supplied by the school, or purchase one hand-painted by members of the Builder's Club. Restaurant and business participants included: Rumba, John's Restaurant & Pizzeria, Melrose Deli, King Kullen, Dunkirk's Deli, Scotto's Pork Store, 1 North Steakhouse, Oakland's Restaurant, Wild by Nature, Uncle Joe’s, Villa Paul Restaurant, Stop & Shop, and the Inn Spot on the Bay.

The spotlight was shared by Carvel, which supplied all the makings for ice cream sundaes. Dessert lovers were given the choice of finishing off their ice cream with sprinkles, candy and other tasty toppings.