HS Hosts Career Day Lollapalooza

The annual Career Day at Hampton Bays High School was supersized this year, with more than 50 presenters representing dozens of professions on March 28. Sophomores and juniors were able to choose from a daylong series of presentations, including career and aptitude surveys, presentations from professionals about their career fields, college admissions talks, PSAT score review sessions and discussions on the Dignity for All Students Act.  

Professionals from a wide range of careers were on hand to share their knowledge with students. Among the representatives were a paramedic, teacher, school counselor, restaurateur, entrepreneur, computer programmer, security guard, armed forces personnel, dentist, mechanic, real estate agent, police officer, veterinarian, banker, journalist, engineer, photographer, physical therapist, musician, accountant, lawyer, politician, actor, financial analyst and fishing boat captain.

The guests discussed topics such as how they chose their careers, the training needed for their jobs, and daily challenges and tasks associated with their work. A highlight of the day came when members of the Suffolk County Police Department allowed students to check out their crime copter, paddy wagon and armored vehicle.

“The goal of Career Day was to introduce students to professionals from our area so they can gain better understanding of various careers in our community,” said high school guidance counselor Tom Little.