Hampton Bays Fourth Graders Learn About Long Island Agriculture


New York Farm Bureau Board Members Heather Quinlan and Matt Pendleton recently visited Hampton Bays Elementary School to teach the fourth-grade classes about where food comes from.

According to Mr. Pendleton, the visit was about making sure the students were “aware of agriculture in the local area and the bigger picture.” He said that he and his fellow board member wanted to impress the concepts of “where food comes from” upon the students.

A short video, produced by the New York Farm Bureau, was shown to the children first. It included information on some of Long Island’s more prolific growers--such as potatoes, grapes, apples, lettuce and sod—as well as some of the animals that the East End is known for—chickens, ducks, buffalo and horses. 

Afterward, Ms. Quinlan and Mr. Pendleton quizzed the kids on the information they had just learned before opening up for questions. The Farm Bureau Board Members also educated the students about other types of East End products, including viticulture- and aquaculture-related products. The children also received a “Color Your Way from A to Z in Agriculture” coloring book, courtesy of the Farm Bureau.