Students Attain AP Scholar Honors

Students have earned AP Scholar Awards in recognition of their exceptional achievement on AP exams that they took last May.

In total, 16 students were named AP Scholars, five earned the title of AP Scholar with Distinction, and six were named AP Scholars with Honor.

The school district has been running its AP program for more than 20 years in an effort to provide students with college-level rigor in a high school setting.

The program, which has expanded tremendously since 2006, also provides students with the ability to earn college credits and demonstrate to colleges that they are willing to go beyond minimum high school requirements by choosing to take on a more rigorous AP course load.

Hampton Bays now provides 12 AP courses, including AP English Comp, AP Literature, Calculus AB and BC, AP Physics, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, AP World History, AP U.S. History, AP Euro History, AP Music Theory and AP Spanish Language.  With those course offerings, the district administers 235 AP exams.

AP Scholars:
Nicholas Berglin, Stefanie Blanco*, Thomas Capuano*, Bart Carey*, Ryan Cavanaugh*, Sean Deery, Mackenzie Engeldrum, Charlotte Forman*, Victoria Garnett*, Annika Kennedy, Gloriana Mejias*, Noah Montague, Anyerlin Mora*, Sara Schabe, Darby Tupper* and Michelle Vega*

AP Scholars with Distinction:
Christen Bellucci*, Joseph Duncan*, Daniella Greene*, Amanda Kenny* and Kasandra Philips*

AP Scholars with Honor:
Mia Fasanella*, Adem Hadrovic*, Rebecca Harris, Sara Jiudice, Josue Mejia* and Alexandra Peterson

* Students who graduated in June 2014