Hampton Bays Students Prepare For College Selection


Educating students and preparing them for the world outside of school is a primary directive of administrators at Hampton Bays, but helping them to make decisions about continuing their education beyond high school is also a big priority. As part of that goal, providing students and their families with as much information as possible on choosing a college was the main topic of discussion on Thursday, March 10.
Led by NA Consultants President Nicholas Amato, the evening’s discussion focused on “16 Things to Ponder When Choosing a College.” Mr. Amato, who has over 30 years experience in the educational and college counseling fields, stressed that no matter the rank of a school, not all universities are created equal when it comes to meeting the needs of individual students. He talked about which types of colleges would best suit the needs of different types of students.

Approximately 70 people, including Hampton Bays High School students and their families, came to the talk, which included information on finding a supportive campus environment; exploring enriching educational experiences, academics and active learning; and student/faculty interaction. Mr. Amato also provided handouts on “What to Look for in a Perfect College” and “A Pocket Guide to Choosing a College.”