Theatrical Production Delivers Anti-Bullying Message

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High school students were presented with a powerful anti-bullying message on Nov. 5 during an assembly featuring the theatrical production “No More Victims,” presented by All Access Productions of New York.

Using contemporary music, video imagery and dance, the show aimed to enlighten students about the power of the words they speak on a daily basis by showing them that their words can make a big difference in the lives of their peers. That message was illustrated through storyline that takes place during a typical day in a high school, with all characters struggling with fitting in and bullying on some level.

After the show, All Access Productions founder Daniel Burd spoke to students, challenging them to always “speak life,” to effect positive change in their school, and to make bullying unpopular.

“You have the ability to break the cycle,” said Mr. Burd. “Be strong for the people who aren’t as strong as you. If you are popular, leverage your power for the good. Invite someone new to sit with you on the bus or at lunch. Learn someone’s name. Speak life.”