March Students of the Month Honored at Hampton Bays


Three students, one from the elementary school, one from the middle school and one from the high school, received March “Student of the Month” honors during the Hampton Bays Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, April 12.

Third grader Gianna Antieri, fifth grader Mackenzie Tyler and senior Dahian Sanabria each received a plaque and words of praise from their respective principals.

“Gia,” who was nominated by her teacher Joan Moran, is a “special, rigorous, outstanding student and citizen,” according to Elementary School Principal Marc Meyer. He reported that Gia is a very busy young lady who is hyper-involved with K-Kids, raises money for needy children, does theatrical work, and plays tennis. He said that she is a voracious reader who counts “Robin Hood” among her favorite books; “Same as mine,” he added. According to Mr. Meyer, Gia hopes to return to Hampton Bays one day as a second-grade teacher.

Mackenzie is a “really positive, natural leader with charisma and passion,” according to Middle School Principal Dennis Schug, who added that she is “the ultimate kid.” Mackenzie, who was nominated by physical education teacher Jeanne Polan, is a gifted athlete who plans on making a career out of sports, Mr. Schug said. She is a striker for the soccer team, a center in hockey, and plays shortstop in softball. She also enjoys raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, learning about math, and building things with her dad. But her number one asset is her great attitude, according to Mr. Schug, who commented “See this smile? Get used to it, because it never leaves her face.”

Dahian was nominated by teacher Robin Spielman, who said that Dahian, whom she has had in class for four great years, is a great representative and leader for other students. “We’re all very proud of her and I’ll miss her when she graduates,” Ms. Spielman said. According to High School Principal Chris Richardt, she is a “model for hard work and perseverance.” Dahian is involved in cheerleading and the Kung Fu club and she plans on attending Suffolk County Community College to major in international business, Mr. Richardt reported.