Students Inducted into Honor Society

Twenty-four high school students were inducted into the National Honor Society on April 16.

During the candlelighting ceremony, each student was presented with a certificate and pledged to uphold the purpose and principles of the society, including scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Congratulations to the newest inductees into the Hampton Bays High School National Honor Society: Todd Anderson, Alexis Bogannam, Caleb Brenes, Celeste Ceballos, William Dzanoucakis, Alexis Fotopoulos, Jake Fotopoulos, Alicia Golyski, Cameron Heaney, Yakut Karali, Erin Link, Shannon Long, Laura Maila, Jack Martin, Andres Martinez Arias, Hannah Martinez Arias, Alyssa Pyclik, Hannah Reed, Lily Spellman, Marley Tyler, Brook Von Bartheld, Magdalena Wrobel, Drew Zaweski and Laura Zaweski.