A Gift of Music

The elementary school graciously accepted a donation of 14 refurbished band instruments from the nonprofit Gift of Music Foundation on Nov. 13.

The instruments, donated by the Atlanta-based organization, will be used to expand the music program at the elementary school. The district is working to enrich students’ musical experiences by offering band lessons to both fourth- and fifth-graders; in years past, the program was only available to fifth-graders.

“These instruments will help enhance our district’s music program, as our students will now have an extra year of band,” said Superintendent of Schools Lars Clemensen. “We are very grateful for [Gift of Music’s] generous donation to our school and our students’ education.”

The donation was realized after middle school music teacher Carolanne Mazur wrote a letter to the Gift of Music Foundation that expressed the district’s desire to expand its music program and the financial strain preventing some families from supporting their children’s desire to participate in the program.