Top Students Recognized by Johns Hopkins

The John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth has nominated 15 Hampton Bays Middle School students to participate in its 2015-16 Talent Search, which recognizes the academic abilities of high-achieving students.

The eighth-graders were nominated based on their high state assessment scores, as well as their performance on the 2014-15 Scholastic Reading Inventory and Math Inventory assessments. Each student scored in the 95th percentile on the SRI and SMI assessments.

Congratulations to the following nominees: Jack Billingham, Gabriella Caine, Lily Candelaria, Dylan Fotopoulos, John Gilbert, Alexis Hardcastle, Ian Hubbard, Kiera Hughes, Skye McMorris, Jaden Ottati, Alison Pensa, Jose Reyes, Tiffany Reyes, Alexander Rojas and Carina Tzitzimititla.