Restoring East End Quail

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The members of the high school science club have once again embarked on a journey to do their part to help restore the Northern Bobwhite Quail to the East End of Long Island.

Over the past several weeks, the students have been caring for Bobwhite Quail hatchlings that recently hatched through an incubation process. In the coming weeks, they will move the quail from a brooder to a coop. Once the quail are able to fly, the students will release them into the wild.

The process is a 10-year-old tradition at the school that started in an effort to improve the quail population that has declined due to urbanization. To date, the club, advised by Al Brigham and Richard Iannelli, has released over 80 quail on Shelter Island and at the Quogue Wildlife Refuge.    

The project, which is conducted in cooperation with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, also includes a monitoring component and awareness campaign.