Celebrity Chef Cooks up Lunch for Students

Nearly twenty years after graduating Hampton Bays High School, Emily Peterson, a celebrity chef, came home to prepare a healthy meal for middle school students.

On Nov. 3, Emily, who graduated in 1997, cooked up egg tortilla pie, chicken sandwiches and spinach basil pasta for the middle schoolers with the assistance of students enrolled in Hampton Bays High School’s culinary program.

Since graduation, Emily’s work has been featured in Edible, Modern Farmer and Martha Stewart magazines, The New York Times and on the Food Network. She also hosts the podcast Sharp & Hot and manages a 5-acre farm where she raises honeybees and free-range chickens.

“It is so important to teach students about clean eating and the sources of our foods so that they are empowered to make nutritious choices and practice living healthy lifestyles,” said Emily.

The event was made possible through Whitson’s, the school’s food service provider.   #engageHB