Hampton Bays Welcomes Regent Tilles

New York State Education Department Board of Regents member, the Honorable Roger Tilles, paid a visit to Hampton Bays on Friday, April 20. Mr. Tilles, who is a Regent for the Tenth Judicial District for Suffolk and Nassau Counties, was welcomed to the district with a breakfast, hosted by District Superintendent Lars Clemensen and attended by senior district leadership, building principals, and members of the Hampton Bays Board of Education. The Board of Regents, likened to a board of education for New York State, is charged with developing policy and guidelines that affect curriculum, graduation rates, state aid formulas, and evaluation procedures, just to name a few.

Following the breakfast at the Elementary School, Regent Tilles attended the district’s monthly Veteran’s Flag Ceremony. The ceremony, the sixth this year, was held in honor of the service of local World War II veteran John Poulakis, who is the owner of the Hampton Maid hotel and restaurant.   

A tour of the Elementary and Middle Schools was also on the agenda for Regent Tilles on Friday. While seeing the sights and learning about all three schools in the district, Regent Tilles was informed of some of the district highlights, including: the Life Skills Special Education Academy, the Universal Pre-K program, and the “green” aspect of the LEED-certified Middle School. Superintendent Clemensen also shared Hamptons Bays’ views on teacher evaluations, college and career ready education, and the property tax cap, as well as how individual demographics must be considered when writing statewide policy.