Voters in the Hampton Bays School District put their full support behind the administration again this year, approving the $45.85 million 2012/2013 budget by a considerable margin.
The final votes were quickly tallied just after 9 p.m. at the Hampton Bays Middle School gymnasium. The results: Proposition 1, the budget, passed with 945 yes votes and 393 no votes, including absentee ballots. Proposition 2, regarding repairs on the grounds, passed with 1,115 yes votes and 321 no votes.

Incumbent Hampton Bays School Board Trustees Chris Garvey and Warren Booth, both of whom ran unopposed, were each reelected. Mr. Garvey received 1,072 votes and Mr. Booth recieved 977 votes.

District Superintendent Lars Clemensen was pleased with and thankful for the results, he said. “Thank you to the community again,” he stated right after the final votes were tallied. “We’ll make sure to deliver a better and better school district every year.”