May and June Students of the Month Recognized at Hampton Bays

During the year-end Board of Education meeting at Hampton Bays High School, three May Students of the Month and three June Students of the Month were recognized on Tuesday, June 12.

The May Students of the Month included first grader Christian Pensa, seventh grader Erik Morastitla and senior Katie Dubowski. The June Students of the Month included kindergartner Benjamin Spellman, eighth grader Ivy Williams and sophomore Kevin Agoglia. The students each received a plaque and words of commendation from their respective principals during the meeting.

May Students of the Month

“In addition to being a very sharp dresser,” Elementary School Principal Marc Meyer said of Christian, who came to the meeting in a sport coat and tie, “Christian is the first-ever student who has transferred in the middle of the year and gone on to become Student of the Month.”  His teacher, Erika Thristino, who was in attendance at the meeting, called Christian “brave” and very likeable. “We’re proud to have him,” Meyer said. “He’s off to a great start.”

Erik, a member of the ACC Team, loves social studies and math, according to Middle School Principal Dennis Schug. The trumpet player told his principal that hard work and dedication are the keys to his success. Schug said that Erik’s teachers said he strives to do his best every single day and that the “shining, rising star” plans to one day become a police officer.

“Katie is an incredible young lady,” said High School Principal Christopher Richardt. He went on to report that the student, who says that “track is her life,” took five advanced study courses this semester. She will attend The College at Brockport as a nursing major and has received a considerable scholarship.

June Students of the Month

Benjamin was nominated by his teacher June Eaton, who also attended the board meeting. Prior to the meeting, Eaton told Principal Meyer that Benjamin is a self-directed learner. “For a teacher, that’s a dream,” Meyer said. “He’s a number one role model in the classroom and we look forward to great things from him next year.”

Ivy, a member of the ACC Team, loves social studies and history, Principal Schug reported. The piano player and frequent NYSSMA participant told Schug that she enjoys working for her aunt who owns a gardening company and that she is also interested in pursuing a career in baking and cooking. According to her teachers, she “makes every day a joy.” .

Kevin, “a three-sport athlete in golf, baseball and basketball, with a high 90s average,” loves global history, according to Richardt. Kevin plans on becoming a social studies teacher.