On the Air

On the Air photo
Sitting before two microphones in a room within the Hampton Bays Middle School library, eighth-graders Braeden Dorchak and Elle Dunkirk proceeded to discuss a recent activity that took place in their English class. 

The students are among the first to share their experiences and thoughts as part of the school’s new podcast, established by school library media specialist Meghan Bishop and teacher Carolanne Mazur.     

The project, which ties into STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and math), gives students the opportunity to host weekly podcasts where they can discuss a variety of topics, including happenings within their school, and perform musical numbers. 

Recent podcast conversations featured Superintendent of Schools Lars Clemensen and special guests, including the Hip Pickles, a drumming group that recently visited the school.   

While Bishop and Mazur currently oversee the podcasts, they intend to have students assume this responsibility by training them in the recording technology and teaching them how to upload the programs. 

“This is a work in progress,” said Bishop. “We hope that it will expand and generate more student interest.”

To hear the podcasts, visit www.hbschools.us/our_schools/hbms_podcasts.