The first graders at Hampton Bays Elementary School celebrated the holidays in high style by preparing foods from around the world. The cosmopolitan fare was prepared at home by the students (with a little help from the adults in each household) and then brought in to the school for all to enjoy. 

For the celebration, each of the seven first-grade classes was assigned a world destination and given instruction on the types of foods enjoyed there. The areas of the world represented included Israel, Australia, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, Sweden and Germany. 

In addition to cooking different indigenous region-themed foods, the children also created costumes to dress up according to their individual class themes. And parents and students alike were able to partake of the delicious “Holidays Around the World” cuisine. 

Though the concept of “Holidays Around the World” originated nearly a decade ago at the school, with specific countries being represented, today the “country” theme is broader and includes the continent of Australia so as not to leave a particular part of the world out, according to first grade teacher Ms. Hutchison. “The kids really love it and we all have a good time,” she said.