Board Reorganizes

The last Hampton Bays Board of Education meeting of the 2011-2012 school year, held on July 10 at the high school, was a productive one. During the 30-minute meeting, members of the Board elected a president and vice president by unanimous vote, agreed to send a letter to New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo regarding a controversial new education bill, set new policy and shared good news about a recent financial windfall.

On Tuesday night, current Board of Education President Doug Oakland was reelected to his position, as was current Vice President Christopher Garvey.

Additionally, District Superintendent Lars Clemensen urged members of the Board to pass a walk-on resolution to send a letter to the governor vetoing a new bill which would have “damning and far-reaching consequences” (who is quote attributed to?) if signed. Mr. Clemensen reported that the new “11th hour legislation” which had just passed the New York State Legislature and had been put before the governor to sign could have devasting effects on schools across the state.

The general idea behind the bill is to give parents the ability to place students in specialized schools at their own discretion for a wide-ranging list of reasons, with the student’s school district footing the bills. The Board agreed unanimously to send a letter to the governor posthaste.

Other agenda items passed during the meeting included putting new student harrassment and bullying policies into effect and incorporating new internet safety controls.

Mr. Clemensen also shared with Board members some recent good news he had received from New York State Senator Ken LaValle. The senator told Mr. Clemensen that $25,000 in “bullet aid” had been arranged for the school -- an assistance that, Mr. Clemensen reported, would take $25,000 off of the tax levy in the fall.