Students Become Bucket Fillers


Students at Hampton Bays Elementary School learned valuable life lessons in character education through the “Bucket Fillers” program on Monday, March 1.

During her visit to Hampton Bays, Faith Smith, the Bucket Fillers for Life Team Director for New York, imparted some of her wisdom to the students via two large assemblies. Topics covered in the one-hour program included kindness, respect and anti-bullying.

Through the “Bucket Fillers” program, the kids at Hampton Bays Elementary learned positive ways to treat each other as well as ways to improve the school climate, according to Hampton Bays Elementary School Principal Marc Meyer.

“This was a great message for all the students on how they should treat each other and a great way to improve our school climate,” Mr. Meyer said on Monday afternoon. “We really appreciated our PTA sponsors and the bucket filler program.”

During the program, the students listened to “Bucket Filler” stories, sang the “Bucket Filler” song and took the “Bucket Filler” pledge: “I promise to be a Bucket Filler in my school life with my teachers and my classmates, and I promise to be a Bucket Filler in my family life with all my loved ones.”

Started in 2003 by Merrill “The Bucket Man” Lundgren, “Bucket Fillers” workshops on “choosing to live with a warm and caring heart” have been taught at hundreds of schools across the country.