100 Days and Counting


Hampton Bays second graders (and a select kindergarten class) exhibited boundless creativity in constructing their “100 Day” art projects this year.

The age-old tradition, 20-plus years in the making, of celebrating the 100th day of school (Thursday, February 25), was a monster hit with the innovative students in each Hampton Bays Elementary School second-grade class.

Using 100 pieces of any item, the children constructed a variety of clever art projects, including: a hot air balloon made of balloons, several houses and a ship made of Popsicle sticks, a stage with 100 dance pose pictures, a tiara made of marbles, a tree made of flags, and much more. The children’s hard work is now on display in the front entrance hallway at the elementary school.

Kindergarteners in Ms. Dargan’s class also got into the “100 Day” spirit this year. The children used a variety of objects—including cereal, pennies, cups and macaroni—to complete their projects. Throughout the day Ms. Dargan rewarded her students with oversized $100 bills in play money, which they kept and tallied up to determine who earned the most for “100 Day.”