After just one week of classes, students are settling in and getting down to the business of learning in Hampton Bays, according to school principals Marc Meyer, Dennis Schug and Christopher Richardt. During the Sept. 11 Board of Education meeting, each principal presented a status report on the first few days of schools.

According to Mr. Meyer, there are 816 students currently enrolled at the elementary school. He also reported that Superintendent of Schools Lars Clemensen’s projections for the incoming kindergarten class were on target, with seven classrooms currently being taught. Mr. Meyer added that universal screenings for all kindergarten students were already underway on days one and two of the new school year..

There are 589 students currently enrolled in the middle school, according to Mr. Schug. He reported that the children have adjusted well to the new school year and have already begun serious work in their classrooms and pods. He also praised the custodial staff, reporting that the halls were actually gleaming on the first day of school. “I could see my reflection in the floor,” he said.

High school enrollment is currently at 617 students, according to Mr. Richardt. He also reported that in addition to the three new classrooms that have been added for the pre-K program, in which 56 students are enrolled, the high school also has a new bank of lockers and a new public address system. At this time, there are 124 students taking AP classes, he said.

Though it was too early to announce the September Students of the Month, there was one standout student in attendance at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday night. Hampton Bays High School junior and Eagle Scout Charlie Schneider was in attendance in order to earn his citizenship badge. In order to meet the badge requirements, the 17-year-old needed to attend a meeting and write a report. He has currently earned approximately 20 of the necessary 36 badge requirements.