Hampton Bays STEM Lab Opens Doors to Learning

Hampton Bays STEM Lab Opens Doors to Learning photo

This school year, students in first through fourth grade at Hampton Bays Elementary School are engaging in science, technology, engineering and math lessons as part of a new STEM Lab program.

For one hour each week, the students visit the new space to take part in hands-on, multidisciplinary lessons taught by STEM Lab teacher Jonathan DellaSperanza.  

Donning a white lab coat, DellaSperanza leads the students in activities that strengthen their standard science curriculum. For example, first-graders recently investigated sound by experimenting with tuning forks and exploring the differences between wood and metal instruments. Taking these concepts further, fourth-graders tested the sound levels around their school as part of an in-depth sound lab. Meanwhile, second-graders tested Newton’s Laws of Motion using ramps, marbles and toy cars. 

“There are endless possibilities to what we can do in the STEM Lab,” said DellaSperanza. 

Moving forward, students will have the opportunity to build and code Botley robots and work with a 3D printer.   

The lab is also home to an array of animals that students learn about throughout the year, including a hedgehog, toads and a gecko.