High School Honor Society Induction


A total of 16 high school students were inducted into the 2010-2011 National Honor Society at Hampton Bays High School on Thursday, April 22. The annual candlelight induction ceremony was held at 7:30 p.m. in the high school auditorium. The new members were ushered into their new Honor Society roles by the 23 graduating 2009-2010 members.

Those students chosen to best represent Hampton Bays must possess the five qualities of the National Honor Society: knowledge, scholarship, leadership, service and character. The new inductees, chosen for their merits, include: Tabitha Ahnert, Stephanie Akten, Deborah Carlin, Jesse Easton, Dylan Flynn, Pawel Golyski, John Havens, Tarrin Joslin, Abigail Kraycar, Hayley McKay, Alexandra Pandolfo, Conor Press, Rachel Reed, August Thilberg, James Tran and Lucy Tzitzimititla.

District Superintendent Joanne Loewenthal summed up the selection process when she gave the introduction on Thursday night. “This is your event. We’re here to honor the special qualities that you represent,” she said. “You exemplify the best of Hampton Bays High School and the best of the Hampton Bays community.”

High School Principal Chris Richardt followed the superintendent’s speech with a lighthearted quip. “Your parents, teachers, family and friends are proud of your accomplishments,” he said. “Which among them in the future will hopefully be forcing MTV to stop airing ‘The Jersey Shore.’”

Graduating National Honor Society students include: Elizabeth Blevins, Anna Blydenburgh, Hope Brosnan, Samantha Carey, Reyna Cruz, Caitlin Diffley, Meridythe Donnan, Jessica Dubowski, Maraya Ferreira, Alanna Frayne, Caitlin Hansen, Maya Himmelsbach, Julia King, Nolan Leeman, Katharine Ludwigsen, Monica O’Connor, Morgan Orego, Oskar Ramirez, Marcus Shams, Allison Streeker, Katherine Tenasaca, Ryan Walker and Sarah Young.