Hampton Bays Class Night

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The competition among freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors was cutthroat and exciting at the annual “Battle of the Classes” on Friday, November 12, at the Hampton Bays High School gym.

The junior class, clad in red, took the title of the winning class for the night. Holding true to the class colors of years past, the seniors wore their signature black and gold that night, sophomores donned green, and the freshmen chose navy blue.

Events at the “Battle of the Classes” included a wheel barrel race, won by the seniors; a potato sack race, won by the juniors; a three-legged race, won by the juniors; a “spinning bat” run, won by the sophomores; an orange pass, won by the juniors; a hula hoop handoff, won by the juniors; a tug-of-war, won by the seniors; the crowd-pleasing pie eating contest, tied by the juniors and seniors; and a spirited lip synch extravaganza.