Serving Up Fire Safety

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Twenty-eight Hampton Bays students were recently named winners in the Hampton Bays Fire Department’s annual Fire Safety Poster/Essay contest. This year’s contest carried the theme “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen.”

In conjunction with the poster contest, students in grades K-5 received instruction in the prevention of burns and fires in their homes, while those in grades seven and eight wrote essays on kitchen fire safety.

Three contest winners were selected from each grade and awarded a $30 gift certificate.

The Hampton Bays School District congratulates the following students:

1st: Kellan Dalmasse
2nd: Andre Chaves
3rd: Daphne Ochoa

First Grade:
1st: Debbie Cabrera
2nd: Anthony Uceda
3rd: Lucia Mancuso

Second Grade:
1st: Thiago Echeverry Nunez
2nd: Katherine Bonilla Morales
3rd: Valentina Guevara

Third Grade:
1st: Camila Castro
2nd: Jemma Loetscher
3rd: Richard Tapia Pelaez

Fourth Grade:
1st: Kourtney Santos
2nd: Lylian Yanes
3rd: Camilia Garcia

Fifth Grade:
1st: Lorelei Palmieri
2nd: Alison Miranda
3rd: Kayleigh Nunns

Life Skills:
Carolina Cuaya

Sixth Grade:
1st: Emma Schultheis
2nd: Michael Single
3rd: Stephany Perez

Seventh Grade:
1st: Franklyn Veliz Hernandez
2nd: Sarah Mendel
3rd: Leah Russell

Eighth Grade:
1st: David Orellana
2nd: Gabriela Cardenas Rivera
3rd: Giovanni Tzitzimititla