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Instructional Technology

The Hampton Bays Union Free School District recognizes the increasing need to develop knowledge; to be able to access, understand, and communicate information; and is committed to the implementation and effective use of technology in our schools.

Student fluency in technological tools is critical in this age of information. The Hampton Bays Public Schools is committed to providing students with skills that will be useful to them in their pursuit of lifetime goals at work and in their personal lives.

Our instructional technology plan considers the importance of technology in the learning process and builds upon the districts current resources to develop college and career ready students.  The plan provides for the integration of technology into students’ everyday lives and also for the management of our Informational Technology (IT) Department.  The Learning Community impacted by this plan includes teachers, staff, students, families, and community. 

Data Privacy & Security

The District is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of student data and teacher and principal data and will follow all applicable laws and regulations for the handling and storage of this data in the District and when disclosing or releasing it to others, including, but not limited to, third-party contractors. The District adopts this procedure to implement the requirements of Education Law Section 2-d and its implementing regulations, as well as to align the District's data privacy and security practices with the National Institute for Standards and Technology Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (Version 1.1).

The Hampton Bays Union Free School District provides the following resources for parents, teachers, and the community to better understand what student data is, how student data is collected and used and the laws and practices that the District adheres to in order to protect student data and privacy.

For all questions or concerns regarding data privacy and security please email the Data Privacy Officer (DPO) and Data Privacy Team at:

Parent and Staff Information


District Software

District software is vetted for compliance with New York State Education Law 2d, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, and the Children's Internet Protection Act. The link below is a "living" list that is updated regularly which includes products and services deemed as approved for use in the District. A link to the applicable Privacy Policy and supplemental information that further explains the protection of student and staff data can be found specific to each company.

District Approved Software


Federal & State Laws that Impact Technology Use and Student Privacy


 District Policies for Student Data and Security