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Re-Opening Plan Information

Re-Opening Plan and Presentations
September 18, 2020:  Re-Opening Plan (updated 9/18/2020)
September 18, 2020 Community Letter re: Moving to Phase Two    (English)  (Spanish)
August 21, 2020:  
Frequently Asked Questions
August 19, 2020:   Reopening Presentation to Community
August 16, 2020:  School Reopening Presentations Letter   (English)  (Spanish)
July 31, 2020:  Re-Opening Plan Presentation

*For questions or concerns specific to your child, please contact the school principal.
*For general questions or comments regarding the Reopening Plan, please email 

Community Letters re: COVID-19
November 23, 2020: English Spanish re:  Yellow Zone Designation
November 19, 2020: English Spanish
November 18, 2020:   English Spanish re: School-based Testing Initiative
November 13, 2020:  English Spanish
November 12, 2020: English Spanish
November 11, 2020 English Spanish
November 9, 2020:    English Spanish
November 6, 2020: English Spanish
November 5, 2020: English Spanish
November 3, 2020:   English Spanish
November 2, 2020:   English Spanish

October 2020 Letters

Instructional Plans and Resources

Learning Plan (In-Person, Hybrid, Remote) for all grades
Live-stream Student & Parent Responsibilities 
Google Classroom Codes
Special Education Protocols and Guidance
Remote Learning Directions for Grades K-5                     (English and Spanish)  
HB High School First Days of School Guidance                 (English)  (Spanish)
HB Middle School First Days of School Guidance               (English)  (Spanish)

Health & Wellness
New York State Services
Find a COVID-19 Testing Site  
Health Protocols                                                           (English)  (Spanish)  
Masks & Face Coverings                                                (English)  (Spanish)   

Contact Tracing                                                            (
English)  (Spanish)   
COVID-19 Testing Plan                                                  (English)  (Spanish)   

Suffolk County Dept. of Health 
Frequently Asked Questions     
American Academy of Pediatrics COVID-19 Guidance 
American Academy of Pediatrics Face Covering Guidance  (English)  (Spanish)
Social Emotional Support - Coping Circles                        (English)  (Spanish Free Breakfast/Lunch for all   (English)  (Spanish)

Cleaning & Sanitizing Safety Data Sheet - Clarion 25 Floor Finish
Safety Data Sheet - BioShield 75
Safety Data Sheet - Vital Oxide RTU

Archived Links
July 1, 2020:  Summer Activities Website
July 31, 2020:  Re-Opening Plan (original)
August 12, 2020:  Complete the Return to School Survey 
by clicking here.
August 26, 2020:  Re-Opening Plan (updated)
Remote Learning/Distance Education Plan                       (English)  (Spanish