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K-Kids Inducted

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The seventh annual “K-Kids Induction Ceremony” for third- and fourth-graders was held at Hampton Bays Elementary School on Thursday, November 4.

Students who were inducted included: Adrianna Cozar, Alexander Rojas, Gia Antieri, Quinn Smith, Gabriela Ruiz, Daniel Pose, Michael Catabiano, Natalie Gomez, Angela Mendez, Tiffany Reyes, Jack Gilbert, Emily Peyton, Melanie Nieves, Evan Iveschich, Jose Reyes, Riley Tupper, Hailey Troyan, Ryan Allen, Christopher Scott, Mia Mielenhausen, Lilian Vaquero, Daniel Chekijian, Marissa Kennedy, Marin Smith, Samantha Fennelly, Alexis Hardcastle, Flynn Martin, Kelina Tuttle, Alondra Quiros, Cameron Odell, Hailey Meyer, Pamela Grajales, Danny King, Rebecca Cabrera, Steven Mora, Nicolas Morea, and Jonathan Fernandez.

Kiwanis members on hand during the ceremony included: Paul Stengel, Dominick Spoto, Eric Nastri and Charles Luckey. K-Kids Advisors—Joan Moran, Mindy Brown and Barbara Ferruci—were also at the ceremony, along with the family members and loved ones of the inductees.

Mr. Nastri expressed his pleasure with the K-Kids program and its committed student participants. “We feel thrilled that every year brings out the best third- and fourth-graders,” he said. “It’s a great group of kids doing lots of wonderful things.”

K-Kids is a student-led community service club, affiliated with the local chapter of the Kiwanis Club, which serves as the group’s sponsor.