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Advancing 3D research

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Through his school’s science research program, Hampton Bays High School junior Dave Catena is furthering his independent science research on the medical applications of 3D printing. He is being mentored by Dr. Murat Guvendiren, assistant professor of chemical and materials engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. 

Catena was accompanied by Dr. Stephanie Forsberg, head of Hampton Bays’ science research program, on a tour of Dr. Guvendiren’s biomaterial research lab on Oct. 24. During the tour, Catena learned more about career pathways in the field of 3D medical technology — specifically, the chemical and biological applications of 3D printing, including its potential uses for cancer treatments.  

Catena has been working on his research project under the direction of Dr. Forsberg for the past three years. The project has been submitted for a National Science Foundation grant that would provide 3D biomedical printing technologies to the Hampton Bays School District for incorporation into its science research program. The district will know more about the advancement of the grant in the beginning of 2020.  

The Hampton Bays Science Research program is a four-year research course of study that culminates with an annual presentation of research projects by students.